Episode 92 - You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

April 19, 2018

Patrick Reed. The Tyler O'Neill trade. Philadelphia Flyers goaltending. Jose Bautista. These are some of the things that really grind on Geoff's gears, nevermind the stuff on Brendan's list, such as the lack of Bob Cole in the playoffs.

We start the episode with an update on the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, and some of the positives emerging from it. We finally do a wrap up on the Masters, which featured an unlikable winner (and the crowd confirmed it), before talking a little baseball, including the Mariners start to the season, and a reflection on the above mentioned trade.

Changing gears into hockey, we talk a little Canucks, with the culture change of accountability in the organization, and a look at the upcoming playoff series in Utica, including the tough decisions AHL coaches are faced with. We go around the NHL playoff picture, with some updates on our prediction records, and also look at the coaching vacancies that have started to appear. All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 91 - Canucks Post Mortem

April 10, 2018

Our podcasts are meant to entertain and provide an outlet, however there are more important things in life than sports. The tragedy in Saskatchewan with the Humboldt Broncos is a stark reminder about how things can change in an instant, and our thoughts are with all those impacted by it. Take a moment to appreciate the loved ones in your life.

As for the show this week, the title really says it all, as we break down the Canucks season. We discuss everything from the Sedins send off and the gap they leave behind, to the excitement in Utica with the prospects and what the off-season may hold for the team. We also make our peerless first round NHL playoff predictions - who do you think will make it to round two?


Episode 90 - A Podcast Unlike Any Other Part Deux

April 5, 2018

Hello friends, it's that time of year again, where the golf world descends on Augusta for the Masters, and we pretend we're in Butler cabin. We look forward to our favourite tournament of the year, and make our winning predictions. Beyond that, there was a fairly large Canucks story this past week, and contrary to popular belief, it is not the promotion of Kole Lind to Utica. The Sedins announced they are retiring, and we explore their legacy and their impact. We also talk a little Whitecaps and the end of the Vancouver Giants season, along with our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 89 - Winging This Sumbitch

March 29, 2018

What happens when you don't plan things out? You wing it, and let the creativity flow. The Whitecaps could use a lesson in that, as we recap the sadly predictable result against the Galaxy. Baseball season is upon us, and we take a look at the season prospects for the Blue Jays and Mariners, as well as making our totally accurate World Series predictions.

The NHL season continues to wind down, which means Canucks fans are feeling forced into choosing if they want the team to win or not. We examine the implications of losing and the long term impacts, and if finishing last really makes much of a difference when it comes to the draft lottery. Who do you think the Canucks should target in the draft? We also take a quick look at the Vancouver Giants playoff action against Victoria before finishing off with our best and worst in Garbage Time.


Episode 88 - Ramble On

March 22, 2018

Is it a song by Led Zeppelin or an accurate description of us during this episode? If you picked both, you're right! We start on a serious note before getting into the Whitecaps last game and the ongoing officiating issues that are plaguing MLS. This leads to a conversation about Vancouver being dropped from the 2026 World Cup bid, and the larger issue of government and taxpayers footing the bill for sports venues and events.

We get into the Canucks, including an update on the plot twist from our last show. Discussions include the current slide caused by injuries and what team depth may look like next year, as well as a look as the prospect pool and what they are up to. All that rambling also leads us to look ahead to the Vancouver Giants first round matchup with Victoria. All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 87 - The Plot Twist

March 14, 2018

Cue the dramatic music! Is there a new host? Did one of us have a life altering event? You'll have to listen to find out. We kick off this show with look at the Whitecaps win in Houston, and how it bodes for their season. Lots of changes in the NFL with the dawn of free agency and the official end of the Legion of Boom in Seattle, plus the return of a legendary golfer to relevance.

Here comes the plot twist - we have reached out to the mainstream sports media we talk so often about. What brought it on, and did we get a response? Of course we talk a little hockey, with the Canucks marching towards the end of the season, and looking towards the final few games and off-season. There are other local hockey teams in playoff action, and we encourage you to check them out. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 86 - Brock’s Broken Butt

March 7, 2018

Who likes alliteration? It's technically a small non-structural, non-displaced fracture of the transverse process, and while broken butts aren't funny, we like to think we are. This week's show includes some possible future show ideas and surveys, which may or may not be appropriate, but we also talk some sports. The Whitecaps kicked off their season with a win, but is this team any better than last years? Can they ever compete with the front office and ownership group currently in place?

In Canucks land, with Boeser being done for the year, we look at some of the auditions and tough decisions facing the team over the next month. Should the Sedins be brought back? Who can the team trade to make room on the roster for prospects? Interesting times ahead for the Benning regime. Good thing the media is supportive. Right?


Episode 85 - Everybody Just Cool Out

March 1, 2018

Cool out everybody, we're here to make sense of the sports world for you. Lots to cover in this show, from the end of the Olympics to the NHL Trade Deadline to Geoff's ongoing recovery from Vegas. We start off with his review of the Golden Knights experience before getting into the real stuff, including a recap of the PyeongChang games and a final look at how the Canadian athletes fared. We talk a little Whitecaps, as they kick off their season with a bunch of new faces, and then we get into the Canucks. We break down the trade deadline, some very accurate comments from a Toronto reporter, and look at what the next month may bring for the team. All this plus some sweet segues and Garbage Time!


Episode 84 - Gud Or Bad?

February 21, 2018

It's a valid question on a variety of topics this week. The contract extension of Erik Gudbranson? The choice of Willie Desjardins as coach for Team Canada at the Olympics? Another Canada/USA finals in women's hockey? We cover it all, as we reflect on the past few days of the Olympics, including the ups and downs for Canadian athletes. We dive into all things Canucks, with a look into some future decisions involving some prospects, as well as some player comparisons and expectations. All this and some shout outs, plus a special Garbage Time!


Episode 83 - The Aquilini’s Listened

February 15, 2018

Not only did they listen to the Premier Vancouver sports podcast, but they also listened to all of you who have posted and been vocal in support of where Jim Benning is leading this franchise. We believe the vast majority of fans are in agreement this was the right move for the future of the Vancouver Canucks. In this episode, we discuss everything Canucks, along with Canada’s great start to the Winter Olympics and a messed up situation in the NBA. All this and more, plus Garbage Time!