Episode 84 - Gud Or Bad?

February 21, 2018

It's a valid question on a variety of topics this week. The contract extension of Erik Gudbranson? The choice of Willie Desjardins as coach for Team Canada at the Olympics? Another Canada/USA finals in women's hockey? We cover it all, as we reflect on the past few days of the Olympics, including the ups and downs for Canadian athletes. We dive into all things Canucks, with a look into some future decisions involving some prospects, as well as some player comparisons and expectations. All this and some shout outs, plus a special Garbage Time!


Episode 83 - The Aquilini’s Listened

February 15, 2018

Not only did they listen to the Premier Vancouver sports podcast, but they also listened to all of you who have posted and been vocal in support of where Jim Benning is leading this franchise. We believe the vast majority of fans are in agreement this was the right move for the future of the Vancouver Canucks. In this episode, we discuss everything Canucks, along with Canada’s great start to the Winter Olympics and a messed up situation in the NBA. All this and more, plus Garbage Time!


Episode 82 - This Isn’t A Podcast, It’s A Tide Commercial

February 7, 2018

Does this mean all podcasts are Tide commercials? No, but if Superbowl is good for anything, it's memorable commercials. We kick off this show with a look back at one of the greatest NFL Championship games ever played, featuring a ridiculous amount of offence, and an MVP performance from a backup who could be traded this off-season.

In case you forgot, the Winter Olympics are starting soon, and we look forward to what Canada may accomplish, as well as the lack of excitement and financial opportunities for athletes headed to Pyeongchang.

With the Canucks, we begin to wonder what this month's trade deadline will bring for the team, and if certain teams are on the no-trade list for management. We also question the treatment of two of the team's younger players, and the different standards they are being held to. Is there an unfair hypocrisy happening here? All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 81 - The It Factor

February 1, 2018

A big thanks to everyone who listens and comments on our show! We love hearing from you (good and bad), and look forward to more! We start off this week with a serious topic in the Larry Nassar saga and the role the justice system and sports organizations play in situations like this.

On to more fun things, as it's Superbowl week, so we look forward to the game and make our peerless predictions. Will we agree with a game predicting bear? Will there be more pole greasing in Philly?

Of course we get into hockey, including NHL All Star weekend and it's meaning in the grand scheme of the sport. We talk about the emergence of Brock Boeser on the league-wide stage, and some decisions the Canucks are facing in the next few weeks. Who should stay and who should go? All this plus a little Steve McQueen in Garbage Time!


Episode 80 - These Guys Ain’t So F***ing Bad

January 25, 2018

Are we talking about ourselves? Are we talking about the Canucks? Maybe a little bit of both. We kick off with a look at the NFL playoffs, as the Suberbowl is set after a somewhat unforeseen conference championship weekend, plus a brief look at the Australian Open and the current state of tennis. Canucks talk has us playing the "What If?" game, as we look at potential draft happenings and the accuracy of Geoff's Six Year Theory. What do you think of it? All this plus a solid movie reference and comedic gold in Garbage Time!


Episode 79 - Is Three And A Half Enough?

January 17, 2018

She says not, and we agree... Jim Benning deserves more time. This week we discuss the factors involved in shaping a successful franchise, plus a crazy stat about the average NHL GM lifespan. What do you think the biggest challenge is in building a winner?

We also get into the first tennis major of the year, as the Australian Open has kicked off, and we have a look at how the Canadian talent has fared. Of course we talk NFL playoffs, including two of the craziest games in a long time. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 78 - Halfway There

January 10, 2018

If you think this season is bad, just remember the 98-99 Canucks, who finished with 58 points, and were led by immortal players like Bill Muckalt and Murray Baron. In this show, we break down the Canucks at the midway point, who are currently 28th overall. We discuss everything from the player talent and prospects to coaching and the front office, as well as the potential impact of future decisions. Patience is key, and remember, the 98-99 team made the playoffs two years later. So are we destined to improve internally like Winnipeg, or self destruct like Montreal and Edmonton?


Episode 77 - An Ode To Trolls

January 3, 2018

We start off 2018 with some advice for trolls (the online kind, not the little dolls), and offer tips for proper trolling technique. Being positive, we continue our theme of looking for ways to improve the atmosphere at Rogers Arena - are toys the answer? For any Canucks fans feeling bad about our current fortunes, maybe have a look at some other Canadian teams at the moment. We shift gears into football, as playoff time is upon us. Of course we dissect the carcass of the Seahawks season, as well as the coaches who got the axe, and our peerless wildcard games predictions. All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 76 - Paging Trevor Linden

December 27, 2017

In our final episode of 2017, we have decided to be champions for positive change! The atmosphere at Canucks games has been more like a trip to the morgue than a sports event, and our goal for 2018 is to try to change that. Seriously Trevor, it's time to actually 'Make Some Noise' at Rogers Arena. As for the rest of the show, we talk some hockey, both Canucks and World Juniors, as well as everything NFL, including the Seahawks and their bipolar season. All this and more, plus our year end version of Garbage Time!


Episode 75 - 75th Episode Spectacular

December 21, 2017

Matt Ryan helps kick off the platinum episode, with some solid audio captured this past weekend. Before we get into football though, we start off with the rollercoaster week for the Canucks, as injuries and inconsistencies begin to take their toll, but is it time to hit the panic button? That button may be getting hit in Seattle, after the Rams thumped the Seahawks, which could lead to some difficult questions for the team this off-season. All this and more, plus a special Christmas edition of Garbage Time!