Episode 106 - A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

July 18, 2018

Is it France's World Cup win? The recent struggles of the Mariners? The effect of Travis Lulay on the BC Lions? Perhaps all of the above? We enter the dog days of summer with a look at all these, plus the shocking lack of coverage and care about Wimbledon this year.

We get into an important topic this show, as the death of Ray Emery and the stories about his life raise some interesting questions and conversation. What is the price of stardom, and how does the role of social media play into the lives of athletes? All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 105 - Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

July 11, 2018

If we wore gloves during the show, they'd be coming off for this one. Only one of us can be right 52% of the time, and we will fight for that right (figuratively of course). Before the main event though, we recap the troubling trends the BC Lions are showing after being shellacked in Winnipeg. Is Travis Lulay the answer, or does it go deeper? How much damage are the Leos doing to their brand in Vancouver? We talk a little World Cup as well, with Brendan being reminded he actually picked France to win. Will they come through for him? Does he even care?

Being July, you'd think we wouldn't talk hockey. You'd be wrong. It's our main event, with Geoff and Brendan squaring off on the couch over the Canucks, from free agency to the development camp to what October will look like. Bets are made, shots are taken. Whose side are you on? We also reflect on the career of Alex Burrows, and question what exactly is going on in a couple eastern hockey markets. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 104 - This Is Gonna Sound Stupid, But I’m Gonna Say It Anyways

July 4, 2018

If ever there was a fitting show title, this is it. Leave it to Geoff to throw down that gem of a line. We cover pretty much everything in this show, as every sport was showcased in some way this week. We got down to the quarterfinals in World Cup, with some shocking endings. The BC Lions laid an egg in Edmonton - was it a one off or a sign of things to come? In case you haven't noticed, the fourth best team in baseball is in Seattle. Is it time to start getting excited about the Mariners? Did you know Wimbledon started?

Of course what everyone really cares about the start of free agency in the NHL. We dissect the pros and cons of the Canucks signings, and how it may impact the prospects roster chances. We also admit how wrong we were with the John Tavares decision. Does this make the Leafs a serious contender? (Spoiler alert: no) We even talk a little NBA with the LeBron James move, including our already cemented prediction for league champions in 2019. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 103 - Don’t Dick Around

June 28, 2018

We aren't just a sports show - we offer life advice, karaoke, and even movie reviews! We can be as surprising as this years World Cup, which has seen a number of upsets to this point, and remains really wide open. The Mariners hit a bump in the road out east - can they bounce back and maintain their playoff position? We also look forward to the Lions tilt this week in Edmonton, and reflect on the potentially career ending injury to Ricky Ray.

NHL off-season is in full swing, and we do a final reflection on the Canucks 2018 draft results, as well as the players who have not had contracts renewed. Do you agree with the personnel decisions that have been made? We also chat about the Hockey Hall of Fame class and the John Tavares saga. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 102 - Feel The Draft

June 23, 2018

The title pretty much says it all - it's the 2018 NHL Draft Show! We do this show during the draft and you get our immediate and unabashed reactions to the Canucks first round pick, plus the other wheelings and dealing around the league. Do you like what the Canucks did? How about the other teams? It's Christmas time for hockey fans!


Episode 101 - Old Bashy

June 21, 2018

It's just a little audio issue - it's still good, it's still good! Much like driving Hwy 101, this episode is an adventure, covering pretty much the entire world of sports. It's early in World Cup, but there have been some surprising moments. We recap the events thus far before switching gears to football of the CFL kind. The Lions kicked off the season with a win, although it might not have been a great one. The Mariners continue to keep pace in the American League, and has Seattle finally noticed?

Oddly enough, lots of hockey to talk about in June. We look forward to draft weekend and what moves the Canucks may or may not make. So much has happened around the NHL, with some very questionable moves happening already. Does this mean a crazy weekend ahead? All this plus a four iron in Garbage Time!


Episode 100 - Episode 100

June 14, 2018

We begin the centennial episode of the Premier Vancouver Sports Podcast with something brand new. Get set to be blown away, or be totally underwhelmed. We aren’t mind readers. It’s been two weeks since episode 99 so there’s a lot to look back at and look forward to. It has been an amazing first 100 shows and we want to thank you, the listeners. Enjoy the 100th episode of Just A Bit Outside, and here’s to making the next 100 episodes just as amazing!


Episode 99 - This Just In

May 30, 2018

It's the penultimate episode before we hit the century mark, and we prove our worth with confirmation of an epic prediction that only a premier podcast could make. We talk some basketball, we give the Whitecaps some credit, and we look at the outstanding run the Mariners are on. Can they keep it up and break their playoff drought? The French Open has started as well, so of course we discuss a little tennis.

They may not be playing, but the Canucks are still making news, so we look at the recent prospect signings and talk about some of the journalism around the team lately. In case you missed it, the Stanley Cup Finals are underway - we predicted the Golden Knights to win, but the peeps picked the Capitals. Who is going have bragging rights? All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 98 - Food For Thought

May 23, 2018

We all like food, but thinking? That's a whole other story. So many topics to discuss this week, it's hard to know where to start. We begin with the Whitecaps salvaging a draw in Dallas before moving onto baseball and the admirable job the Mariners are doing so far this year. Can they keep it up? CFL training camps have also kicked off, so we talk football, including the arrival of Johnny Football in Hamilton and the battles going on in Lions camp.

Hockey season is starting to wind down, as we head into the Stanley Cup Finals soon. The Jets dream is over, so is it time we stop treating Vegas as a surprise? The World Hockey Championships also wrapped up, with Anders Nilsson backstopping team Sweden to gold. Time for the Canucks to trade him? We also talk a little NBA before diving into our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 97 - You’re Not The Boss Of Me

May 16, 2018

You may not be the boss, but sometimes people need a boss to tell them what to do (or not do). Take Robinson Cano, who needs to be told steroids are not to be used, or Brek Shea, who needs to be told how to kick a ball. We discuss both, as the Mariners and Whitecaps are both facing some serious challenges coming up due to personnel issues. We also talk the situation created by the Cincinnati Reds bosses and the concerns Joey Votto has voiced.

It's playoff time, and we continue our coverage on the NHL, as the conference finals have started. Which teams will prevail to make our predictions come true? We even talk a little NBA, as it's down to the final four teams (you'll never guess who they are). All this and more plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!