Episode 74 - The Tony Romo Effect

December 13, 2017

You know you've made the big time when the NFL on CBS mentions you, so naturally we return the favour before diving into hockey and the Canucks current challenges, including the loss of two thirds of the top line to injury. We also talk a little baseball, with the reigning National League MVP being traded to the Yankees, as well as the Angels landing a foreign superstar. Crunch time in the NFL is upon us, and we review the Seahawks debacle in Jacksonville, plus the other big games of week, and even a little BC Lions news. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 73 - A Galilean Transformation

December 7, 2017

What is a Galilean Transformation? Ask an astro physicist for a breakdown, and how it relates to a football play. Lots of topics in this episode, starting with the better-late-than-never IOC ban on Russia for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We dive into the rollercoaster week for the Canucks, with lots of good, as well as some concern. Football continues to reign supreme with the Seahawks big win, and the nightmare of a Monday Night game. All this and some real emotion in Garbage Time.


Episode 72 - Getting Their Comeuppance

November 29, 2017

Like our page? Get a personal shout out from Brendan! If that isn't a prize, we don't know what is. We kick off with the Canucks eastern road trip, arguably the toughest of the season, including slogging through the New York area. Some positives and some negatives, as we reach the quarter point of the season. Grey Cup weekend was another great party, and the game delivered in dramatic fashion, leading to a rant or two by Geoff. We get into the Seahawks win over the 49ers, and how their season could go down the stretch, as well as other notable NFL happenings. All this and a special treat in Garbage Time!


Episode 71 - That Blank Look

November 22, 2017

First off, thanks to everyone who has interacted with us on Facebook over the past few weeks. This episode we look back at the week that was, on and off the ice, for the Vancouver Canucks plus their first game of an eastern road trip and what to expect as they play six games in nine nights. A lot of questions were answered in the Seahawks first game without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, and we break down the game with the Falcons and all the important games from this past week in the NFL. Geoff also vents on an interesting weekend in the CFL playoffs, and another thrilling installment of Garbage Time.


Episode 70 - When You Win But You Lose

November 15, 2017

Sometimes winning isn't always positive, as the Seahawks found out this past week. Another crazy round of NFL action, with more significant injuries, and a couple instances of inexplicable self inflicted wounds. Of course we talk Canucks, as they hit a bump in the road in California, but we remind you it's going to be a long process, so chill out. Novemeber also means CFL playoff action, so we review the semi-final games and Geoff makes his predictions of who goes to the Grey Cup. All this and our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 69 - 69…hahaha

November 9, 2017

Are you ready to hear Geoff giggle like a pre-pubescent? Yes, it's episode 69. In this episode, we look back at the life and death of Blue Jays legend Roy Halladay. We rehash Brock Boeser's big night against the Pens and dissect the Canucks loss to the Red Wings and subsequent win in Calgary. Geoff sounds off about both endings to the Whitecaps and the Lions seasons, and Brendan gives his two cents about the Seahawks disappointing loss to Washington, as well as GSP's glorious return to the octagon at UFC 217. All this and the always popular Garbage Time.


Episode 68 - Papaya Extract

November 1, 2017

You may be wondering about the episode title, and you'll have to listen to the end for the answer. Before that though, we get caught up on the surprisingly hot Vancouver Canucks, some questionable coaching tactics by the Whitecaps, and more exciting October baseball. Naturally we get into football, with the Seahawks big win, as well as other NFL happenings and the almost over season for the BC Lions. All this and the papaya extract mystery in Garbage Time!


Episode 67 - More Tragic Than Hip

October 19, 2017

For the record, the title describes the show, not the band. Geoff laments the loss of Gord Downie before we get down to business, starting with the early reviews of the Canucks season, including the powerplay and injuries. Baseball inches closer to the World Series, and we dissect the final four teams. Football is still tops, with the Seahawks coming off a bye week and questions about Cliff Avril and the offensive line, as well as the BC Lions with another stinker. Is it time for the Leos to see what they have in some youngsters and make wholesale changes? All this plus our usual best and worst in Garbage Time!


Episode 66 - Credit Where Credit Is Due

October 12, 2017

Geoff dishes out a lot of credit in this show, as we enjoy that magical time of year where football, baseball, and hockey are all underway. We kick off with a review of the Canucks first couple games, including the positives and whether Brock Boeser should be playing. October means playoff baseball, and we look at how the divisional series have unfolded so far before getting into gridiron talk. The Seahawks enter their bye week after a big (and maybe lucky) win over the Rams, so of course we bicker about that, followed by discussing the head shaking collapse of the BC Lions and their issues, before our big finish in Garbage Time.


Episode 65 - Vancouver Canucks Season Preview

October 5, 2017

Yes, hockey season is back, and we devote this show to looking forward at what the Canucks year may bring. Will they be contenders, or will we need a whole lot of patience? Probably the latter, but there are some things to be excited about, including the ongoing developments in Utica and Europe. We dive into it all - let us know what you think!