Episode 59 - Shut Up

August 23, 2017

Not often we have breaking news, but we did this show! We discuss the big Cavs-Celtics trade, as well as the latest on the Mariners. We also touch on the important subject of mental health, and send our best wishes to a local sports personality. Of course we talk football, where we rehash the letdown of a game the Lions played against the Stamps, and the huge loss and challenge now facing the Seahawks. All this plus our standard best and worst in Garbage Time.


Episode 58 - P Is For Positiveness

August 16, 2017

P is for pathetic, which would most aptly describe the performance of the BC Lions as we look back at their game against the Roughriders. P is also for preseason, as Brendan disobeys Geoff's wishes and breaks down a positive first preseason game for the Seahawks. G is for Garbage, as sadly the thesaurus does not have a word starting with P, but as always we have our best and worst in Garbage time.


Episode 57 - Is Common Sense Truly Common?

August 9, 2017

We try to answer the age old question: if common sense is so common, why do so few people seem to have it? This comes as we discuss the pressures facing athletes today and what, if anything, they owe to fans and society?

We look back at the BC Lions dominating win over the Riders, and mull over the results of the Seattle Mariners current road trip. In typical fashion, we lambaste Canucks fan who continue to show a lack of patience, and as always, our best and worst in Garbage Time.


Episode 56 - Discrete Schrodinger Operators

August 2, 2017

In honor of Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor signing a new 3 year deal, Brendan and Geoff make a little wager - will Kam finish out those 3 years in a Hawks jersey? This episode we look at MLB free agency and Geoff takes some more "shots" at the IOC. In Double Coverage, one of us is pumped for the opening of NFL training camps, and the other is pissed with a disappointing performance from the BC Lions. All this and you get to find out how discrete Schrodinger operators fit in a weekly sports podcast.


Episode 55 - The Speed Limit Episode

July 26, 2017

Yes it's episode 55, and we couldn't come up with anything better so it's the speed limit episode. We kickoff with the week that was for "Don't Call Me" Lucky Whitehead, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. We look back at the Lions win over the Bombers, as well as the British Open. In Double Coverage, it was supposed to be all about great performances by Canadian athletes but somehow Geoff snuck in Big Country Reeves and a Mike Bibby look-a-like. Tune in to find out how that was even possible.


Episode 54 - Age Of Senility

July 19, 2017

We dedicate this show to all those currently affected by the wildfires in BC, and to all the firefighters putting their lives on the line working to extinguish the flames. Resources are in place to help, and please give your support if you can.

Geoff returns from vacation and the rust shows. We review Wimbledon and look forward to the British Open, as well as lament the continued lack of coverage of a local sporting event. Of course we cover the BC Lions big win over Hamilton with the return of Travis Lulay, as well as dissect the current officiating issues the CFL and MLS are facing. All this and more in Garbage Time!


Episode 53 - Toronto: Centre Of The Universe or Middle Of Uranus?

July 5, 2017

Of the three Toronto sports teams that made the show, which one did we treat the worst this week? Hint - it was a three way tie. On a positive note, we discuss the Canucks signings in free agency and how they make Jim Benning's plan for the team more clear. We also look at a tale of two halves in the BC Lions win in Toronto and the difference between two prominent Canadian female athletes. All that and Geoff takes a bite out of the US hot dog eating competition in Garbage Time.


Episode 52 - You Don’t Know What The Hell You’re Doing

June 28, 2017

After a Week One loss full of mistakes, there were certainly a few BC Lions who did not know what the hell they were doing, as we recap the game against the Eskimos. If there was one man who did know what the hell he was doing, it was Canucks GM Jim Benning. Without access to a crystal ball, we look back at the Canucks draft and the positivity surrounding almost all picks, even if some fans don't agree. All that plus another installment of Garbage Time and Brendan has a message for the negative Canucks fans. You can't miss it - he says it more than once.


Episode 51 - The Biggest Thing To Hit Canada

June 22, 2017

Sticking with our old school wrestling theme, we kick off the show with the musical stylings of The Great One. We look back at the 117th US Open, as well as Brooke Henderson's fourth career LPGA win, and of course a little baseball. With the NHL expansion draft finally done, we review what the Canucks may look like after losing Luca Sbisa, and how the Golden Knights roster looks. The BC Lions kick off their season this weekend, and we give our team analysis and predictions, plus the always glorious Garbage Time.


Episode 50 - The Beat Goes On

June 15, 2017

The Golden Episode! Of course it's gold Jerry, gold, as we congratulate ourselves a bit in addition to our usual self mockery. We even talk about sports! This week covers the upcoming US Open, the current state of the Seattle Mariners, and the sideshow the UFC has become. We also recap the NHL and NBA playoffs now that both are complete, before turning around 180 degrees in Garbage Time.